because the struggle to talk about mental health, and be mentally healthy, is real.

Well hey there!  

Vanessa and Kalee here.

We think that talking about mental health should be as easy as talking about the weather. So we've created a series of videos and podcasts dedicated to helping you become the most mental health savvy human you can be. What kinds of things do we talk about? That's a great question... I knew you were smart. Some of the topics we cover are how to better relate to mental health problems, how to have a conversation about mental health, and how to best support a friend who is having a hard time.

Also - news flash!! - you don't have to have a mental illness diagnosis to struggle with your mental health. We want you to be the most mentally healthy person you can be! So to help you get there we're going to cover topics like how to have an assertive communication style, how to have the healthiest relationships, warning signs and helpful tricks for dealing with anxiety and depression, and what to do if you feel like you're being bullied. 

Do you have some ideas about a topic you wish we would cover? I knew you would! Send us an email at thementalhealthstruggleisreal@gmail.com. 



Who's got your back??

Having good support in our lives is amazing… It means someone is there to pick you up when you’re feeling down, make you laugh when it’s hard to smile, and to feed you pizza when you’re too hungry to move. But sometimes we have to step back and make sure that the people supporting us are actually giving us the kind of support that we need! Check out our latest video, podcast, and articles to learn more about how social support actually changes your body’s way of handling stress, how long this has been beneficial, and the kinds of faux-supporters you may have to watch your back around. 

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Last week's topic:

what we see depends on what we're looking for

Whenever we're experiencing a big emotion, our brains try to do us a big favor by looking for evidence to support us (your brain's got your back). But, the problem with this is that it prevents us from seeing anything in our environments that would contradict how we're thinking and feeling. Psychologists call this phenomenon a "confirmation bias" and we're here this week to talk about what the heck that means, how to recognize when YOU'RE using it, and how to kick this bias in the face when it's getting in your way. 


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How anxiety warps your perception:  http://www.bbc.com/future/story/20160928-how-anxiety-warps-your-perception

Confirmation Bias (seeing what you want, or maybe don't want, to see): https://www.verywell.com/what-is-a-confirmation-bias-2795024